2020 Northern Beaches Instrumental Festival Cancelled

Thank you to all the Ensembles that have applied to be part of the Festival this year. With sadness, we have decided that the Northern Beaches Instrumental Festival will not go ahead in June as planned. The government has placed limits on indoor gatherings designed specifically to slow the community spread of COVID-19 in Australia. It is unclear how long the Government's restrictions will last, but the arrangements could run for six months or more.

If the situation improves, it may be possible that we will hold the Festival in a reduced form later in the year. That is perhaps being optimistic, but it is important to remember that this will end, and it will be wonderful to get back to making and sharing our music without fear.


The Northern Beaches Instrumental Festival is co-hosted by the Northern Beaches Symphonic Wind Ensemble, the Northern Beaches Orchestra, the Northern Beaches Symphonic Youth Band and the Northern Beaches Concert Band. It has been kindly supported by Mona Vale Music (www.monavalemusic.com), who provide recording facilities and post production for a reference copy of each ensemble's performance, along with the appraiser's comments. The Festival is also sponsored by Pittwater High School (www.pittwater-h.schools.nsw.edu.au) and Harbord Public School (www.harbord-p.schools.nsw.edu.au), who kindly allow use of their facilities and equipment.


The Northern Beaches Instrumental Festival was first held in June 2012 as an afternoon event. It was so popular that in August of the same year, a two day Festival was held to allow other bands to take part. In 2013, the Festival added a whole day of Strings and Orchestras, under the guidance of the Northern Beaches Orchestra. The Festival continued to grow, and in 2014 was held over four days. In 2015, we celebrated the addition of Stage Bands to the Festival. Now in its ninth year, the Festival has become one of the main performance focuses for Concert Bands, Stage Bands and String Ensembles on the Northern Beaches.